Stav, Kfir and Navo, 2017


The sea       Stav Zelnik, Dec. 2007

With his jelly head he crashes down,
With changing color he is a clown.
But beware of sucking tentacles and blackening squirt,
Even an expert musketeer can go…
and disappear!

The word cloud gets no Reply        Stav Zelnik, Feb. 2008

There’s a dragon in the sky.
He says "cloud!" but gets no reply!
When he was a baby he said, "cwoud" instead.
Now he’s grown up a knight slayed him he’s dead!
What was the dragon up in the sky?
A cloud that roared loud and got no reply.
The cloud knight that slew him had a legendary sword.
The cloud knight that slew him led a big horde!
A horde of orcs that ate only storks.
The storks would fly, fly up in the sky!
They also called "cloud" and got no reply.

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