Advanced Topics in Computer Vision (048921)

Tentative list of topics

Below you may find a tentative list of topics. You may suggest to me (via email) other topics which are of interest to you and do not appear on the list below (please include a list of relevant papers).
You should wait for my formal confirmation before starting to work on a topic.

Analysis of solar images


·         Conference on solar information processing:

·          “Computer Vision for the Solar Dynamics Observatory”, Martens et al.

Social networks [Idan & Saman]


·         Monitoring, Recognizing and Discovering Social Networks, Ting Yu Ser-Nam Lim Kedar Patwardhan Nils Krahnstoever, CVPR’09

·         Social Interactions: A First-Person Perspective, Alireza Fathi, Jessica K. Hodgins, James M. Rehg, CVPR’12

·         Social behavior recognition in continuous video, Xavier P. Burgos-Artizzu, Piotr Dollar, Dayu Lin, David J. Anderson, Pietro Perona. CVPR’12

·         Mapping the World’s Photos, David Crandall, Lars Backstrom, Daniel Huttenlocher and Jon Kleinberg, WWW’09

·         Placing Flickr Photos on a Map, P Serdyukov, V Murdock, R van Zwol, ACM SIGIR’09

·         Landmark classification in large-scale image collections, Y Li, DJ Crandall, DP Huttenlocher, CVPR’09





Collective intelligence [Eran & Alice]


·         reCAPTCHA:


·         Peekaboom:

·         The ESP game:


·         MARKERLESS MOTION CAPTURE IN THE CROWD, Ian Spiro, Thomas Huston, Christoph Bregler, CI’12

·         Recognizing Objects in Adversarial Clutter: Breaking a Visual CAPTCHA, G Mori, J Malik, CVPR’03


Sports  [Mingzi & Alex] 

·         Computer vision at the super-bowl

·         Computer vision system for tracking players in sports games, J Pers, S Kovacic, ISPA’00

·         A review of vision-based motion analysis in sport, S Barris, C Button, Sports Medicine, 2008

·         Sports TV Applications of Computer Vision, Graham Thomas, 2012

·         Team Activity Recognition in Sports, Cem Direkoglu, Noel O’Connor, ECCV’12



Animal behavior


·         High-Throughput Ethomics in Large Groups of Drosophilia, K. Branson, A. Robie, J. Bender, P. Perona and M. Dickinson, Nature Methods 2009

·         Motmot, an open-source toolkit for realtime video acquisition and analysis, AD Straw, MH Dickinson, 2009

Marine analysis - [Marina]

·         Automated Annotation of Coral Reef Survey Images, Beijbom O., Edmunds P.J., Kline D.I., Mitchell G.B., Kriegman D, CVPR’12

·         Coral reef habitat mapping: how much detail can remote sensing provide? PJ Mumby, EP Green, AJ Edwards, CD Clark - Marine Biology, 1997

E-commerce - [Yael]









Kinect - [Avithal & Roy]

1) Controller-free exploration of medical image data: experiencing the Kinect, L Gallo, AP Placitelli, M Ciampi, CBMS'2011

Altitude control of a quadrotor helicopter using depth map from Microsoft Kinect sensor, J Stowers, M Hayes, and A Bainbridge-Smith,ICM'2011

3) Kinect identity: Technology and experience,  T Leyvand, C Meekhof, YC Wei, J Sun, B Guo, IEEE Computer, 2011
4) Human detection using depth information by Kinect, L Xia, CC Chen, JK Aggarwal, CVPR'2011
5) Using Kinect for hand tracking and rendering in wearable haptics, V Frati, D Prattichizzo, WHC'2011

3D puppetry: a kinect-based interface for 3D animation,  R Held, A Gupta, B Curless, M Agrawala, ACM UI 2012


Computer vision on mobile devices [Mark & Danny]

   Leafsnap: A Computer Vision System for Automatic Plant Species Identification
- Deep Shot: A Framework for Migrating Tasks Across Devices Using Mobile Phone Cameras
- Online Creation of Panoramic Augmented-Reality Annotations on Mobile Phones




Computer vision in metric geometry - [Nir]

·         A Gromov-Hausdorff Framework with Diffusion Geometry for Topologically-Robust Non-rigid Shape Matching, Alexander M. Bronstein, Michael M. Bronstein, Ron Kimmel, Mona Mahmoudi, Guillermo Sapiro, IJCV’10




Food analysis - [Ido]

·         Here is a link to a bubch of papers