Tentative list of topics that will be explored

  1. Introduction
    Computer vision and video analysis and their most popular applications.
  2. Basic video data handling
        Reading/writing video files
        Processing tools in matlab
        Video formats
        Codec conversions
  3. Feature detectors and descriptors
        Image features (Harris, Difference of Gaussians, SIFT)
        Video features (extension to 3D)
  4. Motion estimation
        Optical flow estimation
        Parametric motion
        Feature-based methods
        Feature matching across frames
  5. Visual summaries
        Image warping
        Mosaic composition
        Synopsis mosaics
        Image joiners
  6. Video synthesis
        Video textures
        Dynamic textures
  7. Object recognition
        Bag-of-features methods
        Part-based methods
  8. Detecting people
        Explore state of the art works
  9. Action recognition
        Bag-of-features methods
        Part-based method
        Frame-by-frame methods
        Spatio-temporal methods
        High resolution recognition
        Low-resolution recognition
        Real-time methods
        Off-line methods