Tentative list of topics that will be explored

1.    Image formation

a.    Geometric primitives and transformations

b.    Photometric image formation

c.    The digital camera

2.    Image processing

a.    Linear filtering

b.    Image pyramids

3.    Feature detection and matching

a.    Feature detectors

b.    Feature descriptors

c.    Feature matching

4.    Feature-based alignment

a.    2D alignment

b.    3D alignment

5.    Image stitching

a.    Motion models

b.    Global alignment

c.    Compositing

6.    Dense motion estimation

a.    Parametric motion

b.    Layered motion

c.    Optical flow

7.    Structure from motion

a.    Triangulation

b.    Two-frame structure from motion

c.    Multi-frame structure from motion (factorization)

d.    Non-rigid structure from motion



Selected topics out of:

8.    Stereo correspondence

a.    Epipolar geometry

b.    Sparse and dense correspondence

c.    Multi-view stereo

9.    3D reconstruction

a.    Shape from shading

b.    Shape from texture

c.    Shape from focus

10. Segmentation (if time permits)

a.    Split and merge

b.    Mean-shift

c.    Normalized cuts

d.    Graph-cuts

e.    Active contours